Feature Overview

We have ran group user research sessions, and multiple variant tests to try and determine the value you split the bill to the business. The first experiment we ran was an in app survey to see how many people would be interested in using a split feature, this was encourgaing but didn't yeild enough results for us to build the full feature so we ran another experiment. This time we created a functioning split the bill test within the Deliveroo app using Monzo.me; the link sharing function from Monzo.




We believe that split the bill will improve the group ordering experience and also aid in acquiring new customers.


Metrics to impact

  • Order frequency
  • Acquisition


  1. A full bill splitting payments system is a lot of engineering effort and we don't fully understand the impact.
  2. We need to split the cost in a timely manner during the order process.
  3. We can't get the monzo.me username dynamically.


  1. [user A] When I'm placing an order with friends I want to be able to split the cost with them so that I don't have to try and recoup the money later
  2. [user B - acquired user] When my friend requests payment I want to be able to onboard easily and pay using whatever payment method I choose



New Mockup 1.png